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From our base in Yukon, we create and operate low impact, effective equipment and systems for use in northern conditions. We design and build sensors, operate geophysics equipment and provide geoscience consulting services across the circumpolar world.

We specialize in geoscience related to permafrost, climate change, engineering and resource exploration. We have executed remote projects across the North that required specialized equipment, personnel and logistics throughout the Canadian North, Alaska and Siberia. These projects have ranged from mining exploration to geotechnical engineering to household fuel spill remediation.


Geophysics and consulting

Kryotek provides permafrost consulting, permafrost geohazard identification, site reconnaissance for remote drill projects and electrical resistivity geophysics. Geophysics is especially useful in mineral exploration, mapping aggregates and permafrost and determining depths to bedrock through overburden.

We have retired our Dark Side Drilling division and thank our clients and associates for their cooperation and commitment over the past decade. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Award-winning innovation

Kryotek was honoured to win the 2018 North Regional Innovation Award from Startup Canada.

The awards recognize businesses that drive impact and demonstrate excellence in Canada's entrepreneurship and innovation community.

FrostLink sensor

Our frost and permafrost sensor, FrostLink, can provide instant notification of ground thaw or freeze. The sensor and its hardware can be deployed beneath buildings or other infrastructure to warn of impeding permafrost thaw damage, or to monitor thaw and freeze in almost any location.

Learn more about FrostLink here ›

Talon Ultra-Lightweight Drill System

Our Talon drill is ideal for geochemical sampling, permafrost delineation, geotechnical sampling and environmental drilling. At 30kg in total system weight, this easily portable system is capable of drilling 3-5 metre deep boreholes – up to 10 metres in ideal conditions — with diameters ranging from ¾" to 2.5".

A complete spec sheet is available here ›


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