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Solving for our climate reality.

We combine creativity and hard science to build tomorrow’s climate adaptation technologies.

Climate change technologies that push the envelope.

Fire and Ember Detection

Our EmBar system uses machine learning to warn homeowners or industrial project owners of approaching fires and embers.

Permafrost and Frost Monitoring Systems

Our permafrost and frost systems provide instant notification of ground thaw or freeze. They can be used in environmental assessment, drilling, or can be deployed beneath buildings, along roads, pipelines, or other infrastructure to monitor conditions in virtually any location.

Erosion and Flood Alert Systems

Our erosion and flood alert technologies based on FrostLink watch for dangerous flood erosion under bridges and other infrastructure.

Subterranean Exploration Equipment

We’ve developed a range of drilling technologies for use in climate research, environmental assessments, mineral exploration and more.
Climate adaption technologies
Wildfire Detection System

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