Talon Drill System

A lightweight drill system that gives powerful results in remote locations.

Talon - Ultra-Lightweight Drill System
Talon is an ultra-lightweight, portable drill rig for use in climate science, geotechnical drilling, mineral exploration, and more.

A low-impact, compact, and effective piece of equipment.

A huge variety of applications.

Talon was developed for permafrost research and mineral exploration, but can be used for rock wall stabilization, construction drilling, agricultural soil or sea ice sampling, and everything in between. It can be carried by one person over rough terrain, transported on commercial flights and attached to any vehicle with a trailer receiver hitch. The stand safely holds the drill, while the retraction system provides over a ton of pullback force to free stuck bits.

Customizable packages.

Tailor Talon to your specific project, with the ability to purchase the stand only, the complete drill system, drill bits, core barrels, and more.

Manufactured by experts.

Designed by Kryotek, Talon is built in the Yukon by our partners: the drill experts, machinists, and engineers at Quantum Machine Works Ltd.

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