Climate adaptation solutions

We fuse the technical and creative to push climate adaptation into new territory.

Kryotek drives new climate technologies at every stage:

Consulting and collaboration

Our team’s background in climate science amid extreme environments equips us with the skills to guide partners through a number of industrial undertakings, bringing a knowledge of permafrost, geomorphology, geophysics interpretation, mineral exploration, climate research, and more.

Specialized services

In addition to the services listed above, we offer a number of highly-specific resources, including lightweight drill design, field operations strategy, geophysics technique development, sensor placement for permafrost, flood, wildfire, and more. If it deals with climate adaption or extreme environments, we are ready to contribute a lifetime of expertise.

Innovate and iterate

Too many engineers and scientists are equipped with the expertise needed to understand what is required, but lack the imagination and outside-the-industry thinking to realize the next wave of climate technologies. Kryotek combines both, using our extensive networks and creative approach to invent cutting-edge solutions.

Licensing and acquisitions

We strive to discover and create climate innovations with a clear path to market and robust case for technology licensing or acquisition. Our innovations are developed with the intention for third-parties to acquire the intellectual property, to fully commercialize the final products, or partner with third parties to bring climate innovations to life.

Let’s build something new together.