Protect structures from wildfire before it’s at your door.

EmBar - Wildfire Detection System
EmBar is a real-time, machine vision wildfire detection system that uses AI to turn home security cameras into wildfire sensors. The system is equipped to alert homeowners and owners of industrial projects of approaching embers and activating roof-mounted sprinklers to avert disaster.

Wildfire is a growing threat to tens of millions of property owners.

Drastically decrease the chances of structural fire.

EmBar uses wildfire detection AI to detect embers as they arrive, alerting homeowners to evacuate and deploy sprinklers to avoid the worst of the damage.

Convert existing cameras.

The proprietary EmBar wildfire detection system uses an easy-to-use API that integrates seamlessly into security and monitoring systems.

Get instant alerts.

Upon detection, EmBar alerts you in time to evacuate or to initiate protective measures.

Reliable detection.

EmBar’s remote monitoring system software easily distinguishes wildfire embers from similar objects like fireworks or campfires.

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