Envisioning the next wave of climate tech innovations.

Kryotek facilitates adaptation to the changing climate through real innovations based in sound, nimble technologies. We understand that true change requires leveraging an extensive network of hard-science experts, recombining their skills into creative collusions to push climate change innovation forward in ways not yet imagined.

We have a unique opportunity to make a shifting climate livable, and even comfortable, for our communities. To achieve this, we’ve built a hub for brilliant climate adaptation visionaries, working in concert to rapidly screen, test, prove, and build solutions to address our new climate reality.
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Jim Coates - Kryotek Inc
Jim Coates
Jim combines his passion for climate science with an extensive background in permafrost, mineral exploration, geohazard mitigation, and artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s biggest problems amid a changing ecosystem. He’s a nimble thinker who thrives under pressure, and values the mistakes and discoveries made during development as much as the finished product.
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Astrid Grawehr - Kryotek Inc
Astrid Grawehr
Astrid prides herself as an intense organizer and initiator, who thrives while bringing order to chaos. She’s a creative catalyst for positive change and forward thinking solutions, inspired by a life lived outdoors. She uses her diverse range of experience to facilitate climate inventions that combine a variety of disciplines outside the scope of any one profession.
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Together with our network of scientists and engineers, we are building essential solutions for a changing climate.

If you have a climate invention you’d like to develop, a geohazard mitigation solution you need for your project, or are interested in collaborating on our efforts, contact us below.