A permafrost monitoring system for peace of mind.

FrostLink - permafrost monitoring system
Permafrost is thawing across the globe, and causing sudden, severe damage to infrastructure, buildings, and ecosystems in the process. FrostLink is a unique permafrost monitoring instrument that senses if ground is thawed or frozen regardless of temperature, sending alerts to your phone if excessive thawing occurs.

Using machine learning to predict and measure permafrost thaw.

Proprietary technology puts it in simple terms.

Our remote permafrost sensing sensor and software requires no scientific interpretation or complex data management. It simply tells you ‘thawed’ or ‘frozen,’ and alerts you when excessive thawing occurs.

Abundant applications for industry, climate science, shipping, and more.

FrostLink’s permafrost monitoring system is not only extremely useful for industries like mining and construction, but for climate change research and shipping. For example, seasonal frost monitoring allows you to keep tabs on ice road conditions, winter snow roads, and river crossings.

Easy, inexpensive installation.

The FrostLink sensor is installed using hand tools in mere minutes, while batteries and data loggers last up to a decade.

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