Erosion Alert

Flood monitoring system that stands sentry against catastrophe.

Erosion Alert - Flood Monitoring System
We have developed a proprietary flood monitoring and warning system that detects riverbank collapse during flood events. Its built-in alerts empower crews to quickly respond to disaster, repairing highways, stabilizing bridges, and warning homeowners.

As floods grow ever more common, instant detection is key.

Strong, simple sensors.

Our system uses a series of sensors to detect where water is washing away riverbanks during flood events, send an alarm if water crests over the riverbank and indicate the rate of erosion.

An instant alert results in a rapid response.

When a flood-related collapse occurs, our system sends a warning signal using the simple and reliable SMS system.

This is a partnership with Palmer Environmental Consulting Group, experts in river erosion science and consulting.

Get further flood monitoring consulting.

We can help you better monitor your project, predict floods effectively, and respond quickly.

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