Resistivity/IP Geophysics

A lightweight earth imaging system that sees deep into the ground beneath your feet.

Geophysics - Lightweight Earth Imaging System
The Lippmann 4-point geophysics system “sees” into the ground, detecting buried debris, mineral deposits, groundwater, permafrost, and more. It can be operated by one person, carried in a backpack, and typically images 10-100m depths with the capability to penetrate over a kilometer in the right conditions.

See what’s below the ground.

A huge variety of applications.

This electrical resistivity and induced polarization geophysics system uses a powerful transmitter and lines of cables that are laid over the ground surface. By injecting electricity into the ground it can distinguish between soil and rock types, pick out the ground water table, and identify areas of ice-rich permafrost.

Used literally everywhere.

We have conducted thousands of geophysics surveys across Canada, from the high Arctic and Klondike goldfields to urban backyards.

Proprietary techniques.

We have developed a number of proprietary inversion and interpretation techniques used specifically for permafrost engineering and alluvial mineral exploration.

We have numerous technologies for digging deeper into industrial projects and climate science.
Frost Sprink - Frost Detection Systems
Frost Sprink
EmBar - Wildfire Detection System
FireSpy - Autonomous Wildfire Sprinkler System