An advanced flame detection sensor with a wide variety of applications.

FireSpy - Autonomous Wildfire Sprinkler System
With hotter, drier summers leading to increased fire size and density, wildfire is becoming a greater danger than ever before. That’s why we developed FireSpy to keep a watch on your property when you’re not home. A proprietary blend of sensors and decision-making software identifies and pinpoints flame. Once flame is detected it can open water valves to turn on sprinklers, send a warning SMS or trigger other fire suppression systems.

We’re advancing the technology behind wildfire protection products.

Detect flames at range.

FireSpy’s AI-driven sensors find open flames from a distance, giving the system time to respond.

A wide range of potential responses.

Once an open flame is detected, FireSpy can deploy a flame-activated lawn sprinkler, send an alert signal, or direct a targeted extinguisher at the precise location of the fire.

Integrate with other systems.

FireSpy can be combined with an automatic fire protection system used as a standalone flame-activated lawn sprinkler.

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